The Exhibition day

Our class teacher made a groups of 4 students , in which me , Gaurav , Mahendar , and ,Saheel . We four decided to make a robototic arm working on Arduino . I ask them , first we should talk about contribution . I told all of them to contribute at least a thousand rupees ,which is not that big amount to contribute right ?

Only two of them contributed who is Gaurav and Mahendar and Saheel i think didn’t want to contribute so i asked him “bro you want to show some contribution or not , I’ll talk with the sir and I’ll kick you out of the group” and then he said nothing , i said ok fine bring these items listed he said ok no problem . Well at least he’s doing something . The we brought the Arduino chip , jumping cables and all the items required . Then i did the programming on Arduino and Mahendar did the assembly of the robot and Gaurav did the paint job and of course Saheel did nothing as compared to both of us ,yet I though it doesn’t matter what we are doing it’s all just about team worm , and we showed the spirit in team work and after a month we completed our robotic arm .

Then came the “THE EXHIBITION DAY “.

All students awesomely did their project , there were , line following robot , an inverter , light tracking solar panels, object blocking robot,etc . There were two guests , one from our University and one is from IT industry .

our time is come to explain our robotic arm how we made it , what were the problem we faced during making of project , and the most important what we learned .

And of course we did it .

Second one from the right is me for hint there’s a specs in my chest pocket , and the one in my left is Gaurav , in my right Saheel and the one who’s wearing glasses is Mahendar .

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1 st day of college

First i want to share some experience from my 12th . I was not a bright student , I don’t want study that much , i just want to paly PC games, doing coding , and some programming, because of that in finals of 12th science i got very low marks in every subject except computer science because i know everything ,not everything but a little bit about computers ,and in that subject i got 96 out of 100 ,it fucking good marks right ? . And i got failed in mathamatics for 1 mark , i was so angry on that teacher who checked my paper , i just want to kill him ,but that’s not possible right , and by the 1 year drop i studied maths and i gave the exam of only remaining subject that is maths . And on the result day i was so nervous about marks , actually I was not nervous about marks , i was nervous about getting passed . And then i checked my marks , and i said “what the fuck is this” , i got 69 . I know it’s not a good marks but but from my point of view i got excellent marks .

Then the day came , of admission in college for engineering , of course i wanted to do engineering from 6 class . My father asked me “so tell me what do you want to do now , you wasted your 12th , not taking life seriously, not doing studies “ all this , so i tell my father that I want do engineering (b-tech) . Then my father said this is the last time I’m supporting you and spending money on you , if you got failed in any year then you are on your own , i said I’ll not let you down .

Then the 1st day of engineering came . I know god will give me space in heaven because I’m doing engineering . And the day started , with intro , the first thing i noticed that there are not that much good looking,hot girls in my class and there are so many girls in the building (hot girls) i said what the hell .

Then the intro begins , everyone is saying that I’m from here , i loved to do “blah blah blah ” it was very boring . Then my turn came , i said my name is this , i loves to do this , and I’m from Talegaon , and after the 1st lecture every boy came to me and said ‘i want to be your friend ‘ i said ok (obviously). Then the fun begins because there’s not study for 2 to 3 days faculty were introduced to us , give the Time table and schedule to us , after that me and my new friends set in the canteen , and the boy thing begins , one of my friend started to look every girls sitting in the canteen and telling everyone that ‘this girl is beautiful’ I’m gonna propose her , she’s gonna be my girlfriend , we said ok but that day never came .

Then the schedule for rest of the day was over . We all were back to home sharing 1st day experience to family members .